High-Risk Packages

Our Domestic Violence High-Risk Packages will assist extreme high-risk victims of DV to escape their situations in order to prevent death or serious injury within the state of Queensland and to rebuild their lives and that of their families.

The packages consist of, but not limited to:

*Financial Assistance – many victims leave with no or very little money.

*GPS/GSM Tracking Devices – the use of trackers is to ensure that victims are monitored in the event that the offender approaches them.

*Home/Car Risk Assessments (debugging)

*Mobile Phone / Internet – in most cases a DV victim will have their telecommunication devices taken from them by their partner to prevent the victim from making contact with police, family and friends.

*Food and domestic homewares Assistance – due to the high-risk to victims fleeing DV, food parcels are given to ensure that victims maintain a healthy diet to prevent health issues due to not having the resources to purchase such items. This is also essential to ensure food security for children.

*Relocation / Removalist – when fleeing the home environment due to violence, personal items and furnishings may be left behind. In high-risk cases, we will have a removalist come in and pack up the victims belongings, or if this is not possible due to violence, we will request for donations of furniture to ensure the family is relocated to another dwelling giving the victims time and resources to start a new life.

*Accommodation – ensuring victims have a roof over their head when shelters are full.

Crisis Packages

Our Crisis Packages are designed to assist those in unforeseen circumstances. Each case will be determined by the Hearts Of Purple Committee as they arise as to how we can assist.

Children’s Packages

In the event that a child has to leave their home urgently, our backpack will provide them with essential items to assist them cope with this sudden and traumatic event, and provide items that are needed during this time.

They will consist of:

*A bag – to carry items but also if forced to flee a dangerous situation and are unable to take anything with you, a bag can help the child not only carry their belongings but can provide the child with a bag for school as often the school bag is left behind.

*Personal hygiene products – it may sound trite but when you have nothing, having your own toothbrush is important. Providing a person with a few simple products can make them feel so much better and help them maintain their self-worth. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo/conditioner.

*Plush toy – for a child, their toys are usually some of their most cherished possessions. Having to abandon everything they own can be traumatic and providing them something as simple as a soft toy can help them soothe the chaos they are experiencing in their mind.

*School supplies – normality, where possible, is important. Allowing a child to attend school and have those interactions with friends can provide tremendous relief to a child when other aspects of their life are disrupted.

*Entertainment/distraction– in situations where parents are required to spend time speaking to police, making phone calls or attending interviews and meetings, having an activity for a child to do to keep them occupied can provide the parent with the time, peace and quiet they may need e.g. an educational colouring in book.