High Risk Assessment Team

Jeanette Kerr

Head of the High Risk Assessment Team is Jeanette Kerr – Former NT Police Commissioner
Criminologist, Cambridge University UK

The United Nations undertook a worldwide Intimate Violence Against Women Survey (IVAWS), the Australian component of which found that 33% of women, since age 16 years, reported being the victims of IPV (Mouzos & Makkai, 2004). It was also identified that the violence perpetrated by ex-partners was more severe than that experienced from current partners (Mouzos & Makkai, 2004). Injuries were reported as being more severe for women who were assaulted by ex-partners and they were more likely to report feeling that their lives were at risk (Mouzos & Makkai 2004). Consistent with this, Flood and Fergus (2008) claim that the time of partnership breakdown and separation is a high-risk time for IPV.

Working together with the dedicated Hearts of Purple team, with many diverse and highly valued skills, Jeanette takes the safety of all victims of DV seriously.